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they say in just the last few minutes the bomb squad has decided it would be safer to push people further away. >> i cannot say if they have found anything but they are investigating further. we have moved back because of the large amount of glass in the corner of the building and that is only a precaution. >> the threat came in at 7:00 this morning to this building here on hollis street. it is huge and takes up a city block, about 6,000 people work inside. obviously it is a huge inconvenience for those who want to go inside and work. we talked to a woman who was trying to get to the doctor this morning. >> not a good thing because i am having issues and needed to get to the doctor but it is what it is. >> it is more frustrating. hopefully, just a waste of time more than anything.
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>> he cannot get to work and she had to reschedule the point. >> the company is working on alternate fuel in plants. authority would not say why the threat was made but it was specific enough to get their attention. no word on when they will finish sweeping this building. they are using the dogs and they say they are not as fast as you would think. they need breaks. it is a huge building. they have no idea when it will be cleared. >> thank you, amy. breaking news right new in san francisco, a cable car accident injures six people. we are at the scene at washington and powell where the scene is active. four passengers, an operator and a grip man were hurt when the cable car stopped suddenly.
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the injuries are minor. we are working on getting more information from you and will bring you update. >> a man died during an early morning hour fire in san leandro before 5:00 a.m. two neighbors tried to put out the blaze with a hose before the crews arrived. the fire department said that heavy smoke and flames were shooting out the front door and window when they got there. crews pulled a man from the home but he did not survive. >> developing news. the sonoma county sheriff says the public is not in danger following a triple homicide although the shooter is nut in custody. the coroner is expected to pick up the bodies of three men shot to death yesterday in a rural home off highway 116 on process -- on ross station road. >> this is an active crime
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scene. the house is just out of sight of the the paul car is posted at the top of the home's drive. the bodies of the three men are still inside the small house. deputies have been combing the property for evidence. on tuesday a man discovered the body of his brother and two others. they were shot in a bedroom of that house. police believe the victims were targeted and although the suspect or suspects are still at large police do not think the public is in danger because the crime was not random. hour, neighbors say it has left them frightened. >> it is horrible. what were they thinking? then it is weird is in your backyard. it makes you pause and think. forestville? it could have been my backyard. >> we were over the crime scene. investigators will be here if some time.
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neighbors tell police that they heard gunshots' the bodies were found. the sheriff has planned a news conference for 2:00 today and we will have the latest going at 4:00 p.m. on abc7 news. live in sonoma county for abc7 news. >> thank you. fairfield police could release new details in a murder of a 13-year-old girl. they holding a news conference today on the girl whose body was found friday morning in the park. police released surveillance video of her on thursday afternoon the last known photograph of her at grand circle in fairfield. her naked body was found the next morning where a memorial of candles and cards is growing. >> there could be new details in the 1948 disappearance of ten-year-old kevin collins from the haight-ashbury neighborhood. police searched a him on masonic avenue last week as we first
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reported, finding bone fragments in the basement and sent them to a laboratory for analysis. the announcement could center on this man, known as dan kelly. he was a "person of interest" in the case but he died five years ago. >> these bay area hospitals face fines for putting patient's health at risk not following procedures in an emergency situation. st. mary's medical center from in san francisco did not follow surgical and medical procedures. they have reviewed the incidents and say patient care and safety are top priority. and staff at the medical center left a foreign object in a patient after surgery. the medical center has yet to return our call for comment. the hospitals can appeal. >> the postal service today delivered news that customers have been warned was coming, dropping the bulk of saturday
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deliveries driven by worsening financial bleeding. eric thomas joins us on that story. >> the postal service hopes to save $2 billion a year by stopping delivery of letters on saturday, packages will still be delivered, though. the postal service, they say, cannot keep borrowing billions to keep running and since many get their bills and correspondence online, stopping letter delivery will not have that painful an impact but it will force the postal service to drop 35,000 jobs. >> we have reduced our numbers by 193,000 employees and we still are operating at a deficit. >> the deliveries of letters will stop august 5th and postal customers we talk to this morning were mixed in their
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reaction. >> we wouldn't miss anything, to be truthful. if they can't deliver it on saturday, they will deliver it friday or monday. >> will you miss saturday mail? >> yes i have a business and i pick up mail. >> she would still be able to get her mail at the post office if she has a p.o. box but it is home delivery and letter delivery that will stop. more coming up on abc7 news at 4:00. still ahead, the push for stricter gun control gets some star power. with celebrities talking about ending gun violence. advocates of allowing gays in the boy scouts will have to wait a little long
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>> in texas, six people are believed to have drown after a watery crash involving a van full of undocumented immigrants. the van crashed into a stock tank providing. drinking water if animals. ten were found alive. police south of san antonio tried to pull the van over for a broken taillight but the driver took off and lost control. on capitol hill, celebrities are joining forces today to end gun violence. chris rock and tony bennett and other hollywood stars are in washington, dc, supporting president obama's gun control package. that includes a ban on assault
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weapons. also, universal background checks. >> the president and the first lady are like the mom and the dad of the country. when your dad says something, you listen. >> i just believe that assault weapons were invented for war. they should not be on our streets here. >> bennett is still shaken by the connecticut school shooting that killed 20 children and six teachers and school officials. >> the boy scouts are america are not ready to accept gay members postponing a vote on ending the long time policy. now with that story. >> potentially historic change for the boy scouts may not happen for months with a delay for a decision until may to overturn the ban on gay court members. >> we are trying to do whatever we do with the young people that we serve in mind. >> over the weekend, boy scouts
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and former scout leaders delivered a petition with 1.4 million signatures to the organization's texas headquarters urging an end to the policy. a woman was fired as a den leader for her seven-year-old son's boy scout because her sexual orientation did not meet the high standards of conduct. >> in an interview, president obama indicated his support for the containing. >> scouts are a great institution that are promoting young people and exposing them to opportunities and leadership that will serve people for the rest of their lives. no one should be barred from that. >> texas republican governor rick perry, an eagle scout, said he hopes the organization sticks to its values. >> scouting is about teaching a substantial amount of life lesson, sexuality is not one of them. >> polling show as generational
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divide when it comes to allowing gay adults to be scout leaders. 60 percent of americans under 30 say yes but americans over 50 only 49 percent. >> the boy scouts say because of the complexity of the issue they need more time to deliberate. >> mike nicco has news on the showers ahead. >> the morning commute will be affected for some of us by the rain. i will tell you where with more showers for friday. then we are on our way to a nice looking weekend. >> and health news affecting pregnant memorial. why you want to be careful
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>> we have a new umm date on a breaking news story. a cable accident in san francisco has injured seven people. that is a new number. seven. we were over the scene at washington and powell. what we know is four passengers, an operator and a grip man were hurt when the cable car suddenly stopped. their injuries are minor. police are looking into the possibility that maybe something was on the tracks when this happened.
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the cable car accident injured seven. you can follow us on twitter at abc7 news bay area. president obama is nominating the head of r.e.i. to be next secretary of the interior. she is currently the president and c.e.o. of r.e.i. and was in commercial banging and as engineer for mobile and known for promoting environmental health f approved she will relays outgoing interior secretary salazar. >> the most feared fish in the ocean may need to be protected. we are talking about the great white shark. the process will start this summer. surveys show the population off our coast is so low that the sharks could be on the brink of extinction. >> expecting a baby? watch the air you breathe. those who breathe polluted air have a higher risk for babies
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with low birth rate. it is associated with increased infant mortality, as well as childhood and adult diseases. scientists studied three million births around the world. the study is published in the environmental health perspective >> hours before showers, right? >> several hours. just tomorrow morning and the commute will be affected. a little. you can see we are bathing in sunshine in san jose. a little haze but it is not "spare the air" day. where else do you want to go? downtown san francisco the air is cleaner from south beach through the financial district. live doppler 7 hd shows it is picking up dry air and hardly any cloud cover. so, zooming out to where the system is, it is well to the north right now and well-off shore so it will be a fast mover that will not drop a lost rays
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but anything we can get is better where we have been going the last several weeks. if you leave the house or work, or stepping outside, low-to-mid 50's, and same thing in the monterey bay and inland, a little behind at 49. today, much brighter than yesterday, and the day before, but since we started so cold this morning, we will still reach the same type of temperatures we had early other, and mid-to-upper 50's. cooler and showers are possible tomorrow with a front and on the back side of the front on friday and then we will spring board to sunny and warmer weekend after the showers pass. today our coolest weather is low-to-mid 50's and the rest us are in the mid-50's to 60 degrees at fairfield. headed to the south we have 56 in monterey and 59 to 60 elsewhere, and, inland, with the increases clouds temperatures are not so cold, with some areas experiencing frost inland and upper 30's to mid-40's, mid-40's being around san francisco and half moon bay.
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high pressure is building temporarily. tomorrow is the stronger system that will bring us the rain. when will it get here? who will it affect? 5:00 in the morning you can see it moving right through the heart of the north bay and it slides south as we head to noon on thursday. there were pause points in there but i am not sure what happened, and during the afternoon hours tomorrow, we will have scattered showers that will continue overnight through friday morning, and by noon on friday, the showers will be tapering but the snow level will drop down to around 3,000 feet and we could get a nice dusting on mount hamilton but not a lot of moisture, from .1" to .25" is possible. possibly new snow in the sierra but only a couple of inches on thursday and snow showers on friday. the temperature today is 46 with
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high only 28 by friday. the accweather seven-day outlook, all of us will be cooler tomorrow, throw mid-50's and same on friday. saturday and sunday, mid-50's to 60's and we warm to the upper 50's by monday and tuesday of next week. not a big storm. >> take care of that voice. >> you could hear that? >> feel better. >> pay close attention to this story. tonight on jimmy kimmel ""dancing with the stars" dancer, gave a shout out to forecasters on "national weather person's day." anyone to whom it applies wish them a happy national weather person's day. do we have any weather people in the studio? no. today is the day on which we pay tribute to the brave men and women who stand in front of the screens and point. we have some wonderful weather reporters in los angeles. the only thing we don't have is weather. that means our weather people have to be a lot better looking.
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>> mike has been dissecting that comment. "nightline" comes on right after jimmy. >> out with the old and in with the new, the monopoly game piece that is being retired forever and the new one that is replacing it. >> it is all about multiples. meet a family with two sets of twins, on top of sextuplets so, with mom and dad it is a family of 12. i will try to babyit is the six little ones. what happens when a mom has trouble conceiving until her best friend steps in?
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>> coming up at 3:00 on "katie" twin sisters from the area talk about their survival of double lung impacts and we are live at pebble beach for the celebrity pro-am and find out which stars are showing up and showing their kill on the greens. and an effort to stop a coyote hunt to protect another animal. >> the iron is out as monopoly game token. >> a cat will replace the iron. there was a contest on facebook. it was a tight elimination race between the iron, the wheel barrow and the shoe. the cat will join the only other animal in the game, a scotty
11:26 am
dog. >> the diamond ring, our favorite, did not make it. >> another day. >> for all of us, thanks for joining us.
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[dramatic music] ♪ [cheers and applause]
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>> hello, everybody, and welcome to millionaire. back when olga kreimer was a young girl, she remembers her family reading the who wants to be a millionaire quiz book in russian. well, now she's a 24-year-old math and spanish tutor who can't believe that she's taking on the game that she grew up with. from new york city, please welcome olga kreimer. hey, olga. >> hi. [cheers and applause] >> how are you? >> i'm awesome. i'm so excited to be here. >> i know you are, and-- everybody, i always ask them what they want to do with the money. but when i found out what you want to do with the money-- >> it's a little embarrassing. >> well, it's different. >> yes, well, i've-- there's several things. i'd like to get a steam vac. >> okay. >> and maybe take trapeze lessons. but the thing that's nearest and dearest to my heart is, i really want to join a cheese of the month club. >> a cheese of the month club? >> yes. >> and why? >> well, it just seems like such an extravagant thing you can't budget for regularly, but i feel like if i'm a millionaire, i can handily afford cheese. >> sure. >> yeah.

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